UN-Energy: United Nations’ inter-agency mechanism on energy: was established in 2004: UN energy clusters: ENERGY ACCESS, led by UN DESA and UNDP in partnership with the World Bank; RENEWABLE ENERGY, led by FAO and UNEP with support of UNESCO; ENERGY EFFICIENCY, led by UNIDO and the IAEA: > >>> UNEA: UN-ENERGY Africa: is chaired by UN-HABITAT and co-chaired by UNIDO.

United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development-CSD: United Nations Division for Sustainable Development-DSD; Department of Economic and Social Affairs-DESA: > > UN ESA DSD: Major Agreement & Conventions: > Energy:

IRENA: International Renewable Energy Agency: Intergovernmental organization: was officially established in Bonn on 26 January 2009 by 75 founding nations and entered into force on 8 July 2010; in June 2009 IRENA has 92 member States: 148 States and the European Union signed the Statute of the Agency, amongst them are 48 African, 38 European, 36 Asian, 17 American and 10 Australia/Oceania States: IRENA, headquarters, Abu Dhabi-UAE; IRENA Innovation Technology Centre, Bonn-Germany:

GEF: Global Environment Facility, independent financial organization established in 1991: 182 member governments-in partnership with international institutions, civil society organizations-CSOs and the private sector- to address global environmental issues: the GEF partnerships include 10 agencies > UNDP, UNEP, world Bank, FAO, UNIDO, the African development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Fund for Agricultural Development: GEF Secretariat, Washington DC-USA:

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: international scientific body for the assessment of climate change: it was established by the United Nations Environment Programme-UNEP and the World Meteorological Organization-WMO: the UN General Assembly endorsed the action by the WMO and the UNEP in jointly establishing the IPCC: IPCC Secretariat, c/o WMO-World Meteorological Organization, Geneva-Switzerland: >

GEO Energy: GEO-Group on Earth Observations: GEO is a voluntary partnership of governments and international organizations: GEO’s members include 87 Governments and the European Commission, 64 intergovernmental, international, and regional organizations with a mandate in Earth observation or related issues have been recognized as Participating Organizations: GEO is coordinating efforts to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems or GEOSS: GEO is constructing GEOSS on the basis of a 10 Year Implementation Plan for the period 2005-2015: GEO Secretariat, (c/o World Meteorological Organization) Geneva-Switzerland: > >> GEO Portal: > OGC-Open Geospatial Consortium: GEOSS Pilot:

UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 1992: > Text of the Convention: > Clean Development Mechanism:

UNIDO Energy: United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna-Austria:

United Nations Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy 10-21 August 1981 Nairobi-Kenya: UN Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy: General Assembly: 17 December 1981:

JREC-EC : the Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition-JREC : JREC Conferences: June 3-4, 2003, the European Commission host the first high-level Conference of the Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition ; September 18-19, 2003, Denmark host the second high-level JREC conference in Sonderborg ; October 29-30, 2003, Brazil host the Latin American & Caribbean Renewable Energy Conference in Brasilia ; November 19-20, 2003, Kenya host the African energy Conference in Nairobi ; January 19-21, 2004, Germany and the European Commission co-host the European Renewable Energy Conference in Berlin ; February 18-20, 2004, the JREC consults Members and Stakeholders during the 4th Session of the Global Forum for Sustainable Development in Vienna ; March 25-26, 2003, Thailand host the Asian Renewable Energy Conference in Bangkok ; December 15, 2004, Germany host a renewable energy side event in the margin of COP 10 to discuss the follow-up from the World Conference for Renewable Energy ; November 7-8, 2005, China host Beijing International Renewable Energy Conference 2005 ; February 6-7, 2006, UNEP host Dubai JREC Meetings ; May 8, 2006, Germany host New York JREC meetings in the margins of CSD 14 ; February 30, 2007, Germany host New York JREC meetings in the margins of CSD 15: > >

United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development-UNCSD: General Assembly Resolution 64/236, will take place in Brazil on 20-22 June 2012: Earth Summit 2012: > >

United Nations International Year for Sustainable Energy for All 2012: >> Sustainable energy for All: United Nations Foundation:

REEEP: Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership, international NGO: global partnership: REEP was established in 2002: 400 partners, including 45 governments, private companies and international organisations: REEP is supported primarily by government: Australia, Austria, Canada, the European Union, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, the US and the United Kingdom and by contributions from the private sector: REEP International Secretariat, Vienna-Austria: > >>>> Sub-Networks, REEP Services: REEGLE, Information Gateway for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: ; EE-Coalition, Energy Efficiency Coalition, is an umbrella organization working with governments, business and other organizations to promote energy efficiency: ; SERN-Sustainable energy Regulation Network, London-UK: ; REIL-Renewable Energy and International law is an international policy and law network: >

WEF, World Economic Forum, Energy: Report of the Energy Industry Partnership Programme, Davos, Klosters - Switzerland, 27-28 January 2011: > > the New Energy Security Paradigm, Spring 2006 ; Energy Efficiency: Accelerating the Agenda: Water Security: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate, Nexus: Davos, Switzerland: the World Economic Forum Water Initiative, 2011: Water Security: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate, Nexus: Davos, Switzerland: the World Economic Forum Water Initiative, 2011: > , > WFES: World Future Energy Summit:



WSSP, World Solar Summit Process: High Level Expert, meeting organized in 1993 at UNESCO initiative ‘The Sun in the Service of Mankind’, has suggested undertaking a WSSP 1994-1996 > World Solar Summit, Progress Report Process: 1994-1996, WSSP Secretariat, UNESCO: >

World Solar Summit, September 16-17, 1996, Harare-Zimbabwe, UNESCO-UNITED NATIONS: Harare Declaration on Solar Energy and Sustainable Development, 17 September 1996: in November 2004 the UNESCO approved the creation of a World Solar Commission-WSC: the WSC is Composed by eighteen Heads of State and Government from industrialized and developing countries under the Chairmanship of the H.E. Robert G. Mugabe President of Zimbabwe;

WSP-World Solar Programme 1996-2005: in June 1997 the World Solar Commission launched the World Solar Programme 1996-2005 following the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Rio 1992 and implementation of the Agenda 21, UN: the WSC and the World Solar Programme were initiated by UNESCO with other major partners: Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly on the World Solar Programme 1996-2005 in the Fifty-third session 1998: > > > > > > > World Solar Programme 1996-2005: > Harare Declaration on Solar Energy and Sustainable Development: >> Evaluation Report on UNESCO’s contribution to the World Solar Programme 1996-2005:

World Solar Programme-WSP: 2010 -2019 Second Decade: WSF-World Solar Foundation partnership for the organization of the Second decade of the world Solar Programme 2010-2019; organisation of the renewal process for the composition of the World Solar Commission-WSC and the WSC Secretariat: >



WREC 1990: World Renewable Energy Congress 1990, Reading-UK 

WREC 1992: World Renewable Energy Congress 1992, Reading-UK 

WREC 1994: World Renewable Energy Congress 1994, Reading-UK 

WREC 1996: World Renewable Energy Congress 1996, Denver-USA

WREC 1998: World Renewable Energy Congress 1998, Florence-Italy

WREC 2000: World Renewable Energy Congress 2000, Brighton-UK 

WREC 2002: World Renewable Energy Congress 2002, Cologne-Germany 

WREC 2004: World Renewable Energy Congress 2004, Denver-USA

WREC 2006: World Renewable Energy Congress 2006, Florence-Italy

WREC 2008: World Renewable Energy Congress 2008, 19-25 July, Glasgow-UK

WREC 2010: World Renewable Energy Congress 2010, September 25-30, Abu Dhabi-UAE

WREC 2012: World Renewable Energy Congress 2012, Denver, Colorado-United States of America: May 13-17, 2012:

WREC Regional Conference: Bali-Indonesia: October 17-19, 2011:

WREC Asia Regional Congress: Chongqing-China: October 28-31, 2011:

WREC: World Renewable Energy Congress 2011, Linköping University-Sweden:


REN 21: Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century: international multi-stakeholder steering Committee is the central governing entity of REN 21: policy, advocacy and exchange: REN21 Secretariat, Paris-France: the REN21 Secretariat is provided by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GITZ) GmbH and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): > >> GSR 2011, Renewables Global Status Report: > > RENEWABLES 2004: REN21 is a key follow-up action to the International Conference for Renewable Energies-Renewable 2004: Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century: June 1-4, 2004, Bonn-Germany: Conference Report: Political Declaration / International Action Programme / Policy Recommendations for Renewable Energies: > > >>

WFES ENERGY SUMMIT: WFES: World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi:

5th edition, World Future Energy Summit 2012: Abu Dhabi, 16-19 January 2012

4th edition, World Future Energy Summit 2011: Abu Dhabi, 17-20 January 2011

3th edition World Future Energy Summit 2010: Abu Dhabi, 18-21 January 2010 

2th edition World Future Energy Summit 2009: Abu Dhabi, 19-21 January 2009

1th edition, World Future Energy Summit 2008: Abu Dhabi, 21-23 January 2008 


CEM-Clean Energy Ministerial: Accelerating The Transition to Clean Energy Technologies: is a high- level global forum: CEM’s initiatives > 23 government participating in CEM Initiatives: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, the European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States: :

CEM1: Clean Energy Ministerial 1: 19-20 July 2010, Washington, DC:

CEM2: Clean energy Ministerial 2: 6-7- April 2011, Abu Dhabi, UAE:

CEM3: Clean Energy Ministerial 3: 25-26 April 2012, London-UK:

CEM4: Clean Energy Ministerial 4: New Delhi, India

CEM5: Clean Energy Ministerial 5: Seoul, Korea


WEC: World Energy Council/Conseil Mondial de l’Energie: Multi-Energy Forum: was established in 1923: network of 93 national committees represents over 3000 member organizations including governments, industry and expert institutions/associations: WEC is a UK-registered charity headquartered in London-United Kingdom: WEC Patron and Global Partners: WEC members: WEC, Organisational Structure: WEC Global Framework: > > > > > >

WEC CONGRESS: TWENTY TWO Congress: Montreal 2010 ; Rome 2007 ; Sydney 2004 ; Buenos Aires 2001 ; Houston 1998 ; Tokyo 1995 ; Madrid 1992 ; Montreal 1989 ; Cannes 1986 ; New Delhi 1983 ; Munich 1980 ; Istanbul 1977 ; Detroit 1974 ; Bucharest 1971 ; Moscow 1968 ; Melbourne 1962 ; Vienna 1956 ; London 1950 ; Washington 1936 ; Berlin 1930 ; London 1924: > >>>> Daegu-Korea, October 2013, 22 World Energy Congress:


Energy for All: Financing Access for the Poor: Oslo, 10-11 October 2011: High-level conference on energy access and finance: co-organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Energy-Norway and the International Energy Agency-IEA:

UN Report: The Secretary-General’s Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change-AGECC: Energy for a Sustainable Future, United Nations 2010:[1].pdf

Energy for Development, Towards A Sustainable Global Energy Future, Jointly organized by UN-Energy and The Secretary-General’s Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change, United Nations, New York, 2010:

UN Energy: Delivering on Energy, An overview of activities by UN-energy and its members, United Nations, New York, 2010: >> UN Energy: Looking to the Future, United Nations, New York, 2010:

IEA: International Energy Agency: is an autonomous organisation, 28 member countries, established in 1974: IEA Secretariat, Paris-France: > >> worldwide engagement for sustainable energy strategies: >>>> WEO-World Energy Outlook: IEA-International Energy Agency: > WEO series on Energy & Poverty 2002-2011 + Energy Economics 2007: >>>> EBC: Energy Business Council: launched in March 2009: executive level group that represent a wide variety of companies:

WREC/WREN: WORLD RENEWABLE ENERGY NETWORK: established in 1992, is a non-profit organization registered in United Kingdom with charitable status and affiliated to UNESCO: Global activities of WREC/WREN, World Renewable Energy Congress-WREC: > >

BCSE: The Business Council for Sustainable Energy: is a coalition of companies and trade associations from the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors: founded in 1992, based in Washington DC- USA:

ICSE: I-cse: International Council for Sustainable Energy: I-cse was established in 2007 as an alliance of the European, United Kingdom and United States Business Councils for Sustainable Energy and the Australian Clean Energy Council: ICSE represent more than 500 companies with a commercial interest in the expansion on global sustainable energy and energy efficiency markets: ICSE, London-United Kingdom: >>>> Business Council for Sustainable Energy UK, London: ; European Business Council for Sustainable Energy, Carben-Germany: ; The Business Council for Sustainable Energy, Washington DC-USA: ; Clean Energy Council, Southbank VIC-Australia:

Energy Solutions for All: Promoting Cooperation, Innovation and Investment:

GEA: Global Energy Assessment: is coordinated by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis-IIASA: Laxenburg-Austria:

GFSE Global Forum on Sustainable Energy, is a neutral multi-stakeholder platform, is organized as an association under the Austrian Law: the GFSE activities are supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation in the Ministry for European and International Affairs and the Austrian Development Agency-ADA: GFSE activities are carried out case by case with different international partners such as UNDP, UNIDO, UNEP, GNESD, REEP, IIASA and ESMAP: the Secretariat is hosted by the Austrian Energy Agency: GFSE- 9: Vienna 2011 ; Vienna 2009 ; Regional Workshop: GFSE – 7 Vienna 2007 ; GFSE – 6 Vienna 2006 ; GFSE – 5 Vienna 2005 ; GFSE – 4 Vienna 2004 ; GFSE – 3 Graz-Austria ; GFSE – 2 Laxenburg-Austria ; GFSE – 1 Laxenburg-Austria:

EUEI: European Union Energy Initiative for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development was launched at the 2002 World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg as a joint commitment by the EU Member States and European Commission to support improved access to sustainable energy services in developing countries:

GNEDS: Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development: International Steering Committee: the GNESD donor countries and organisations include Denmark, France, Germany, United Kingdom, UNF and the UNDP: UNEP is a non-voting member: GNESD, Roskilde-Denmark:

GVEP International: Global Village Energy partnership: accelerating Access to Energy: is a non- profit organisation based in London-United Kingdom:

Energy Solutions for All: Promoting Cooperation, Innovation and Investment:

IAEE: International Association for Energy Economics:

GBEP: Global Bioenergy Partnership: FAO, Roma-Italy: > White Paper on Global Bioenergy Partnership, October 2005: >> Term of Reference for the Global Bioenergy Partnership-GBEP:

WPC: World Petroleum Council: 60 member countries representing over 95& of global oil and gas production and consumption: covering five continents: was established in 1933 as a Forum for Petroleum Science, Technology, Economics and Management: WPC Contact, London-United Kingdom: Fuel for Life: World Petroleum Council Guide to Energy: > > >> 20th World Petroleum Congress, 4-8 December 2011, Doha-Qatar: >> WPC Congresses: >> WPC Regional Meetings: >> WPC and Global Compact:

GWEC: Global Wind Energy Council: is a global wind industry trade association: GWEC, Brussels-Belgium:

RIO 12 World Climate and Energy Event & LAREF-Latin America renewable Energy Fair: Granada-Nicaragua 17-19, 2012; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 28-29, 2012:


ESSP-Earth System Science Partnership: ; DIVERSITAS-international research programme: ; IGBP: ; IHDP-International Human Dimensions Programme on global Environmental Change: ; WCRP-World Climate Research Programme:


WCRE: World Council for Renewable Energy: global network for renewables initiated by EUROSOLAR: the WCRE is coordinated by a Chairmen Committee, from five continents: WCRE, Bonn-Germany: > EUROSOLAR: The European Association for Renewable Energy, non-profit organisation, Bonn-Germany:

IRES: 1th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, 2006, October, 30-31, Gelsenkirchen-Germany.

IRES: 2th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, 2007, November 19-21, Bonn- Germany, World Conference Center.

IRES: 3th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, 2008, November 24-25, Berlin-Germany.

IRES: 4th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, 2009, November 24-25, Berlin-Germany.

IRES: 5th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, 2010, November 22-24, Berlin-Germany.

IRES: 6th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, Berlin Congress Center, November 28-30, 2011

IRES: 7th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, 2012